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“Astrology illuminates what already exists.” — Aliza Kelly

As above, so below. That’s a poetic way of saying that the circumstances we find ourselves in throughout our lifetimes are mirrored in the stars. And the more we learn about these celestial goings on, the more we learn about ourselves and those around us.

Whether you’re an astrology noob or you’ve been checking your horoscope since grade school, all of us at Another Mystic Monday bet you’ll find something that speaks to your soul on this site. We’ll be here every step of the way, helping you demystify this important practice of empathy and self-love.

Get to the Heart of Your Chart: Exploring your birth chart can be an eye-opening and validating experience — but as astrologer Aliza Kelly says, “Like astrology, a single birth chart is infinite.” This stuff can get complicated, but we’ll take the guesswork out of it to give you a whole new perspective on your inner world.

Prepare for the Day (and Week) Ahead: If you know it’s going to rain, you grab an umbrella, right? Check the astrological weather with our daily horoscopes, reports on major events like eclipses and retrogrades, ritual ideas for new and full moons, and a weekly tarot pull for each sign.

Take Your Relationships to the Next Level: It doesn’t matter how many quizzes you’ve taken — astrological compatibility is so much more than just sun signs. We’ll talk in-depth about compatibility to help you navigate your relationships in a healthier way.

View the World Through a Different Lens: Once you know your sun, moon, and rising signs, your entire perspective can shift. We’ll bring you book recommendations, playlists, tarot readings, décor hacks, health tips, gift guides, style suggestions, and other unique articles and quizzes tailored just for you.

This is gonna be fun.

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